I am Nils Bouillard and I am 23 years old, from Belgium.

I am an amateur wildlife photographer and until recently an ecology Master student. But most importantly, I am a bat fanatic.

My passion for bats started in the summer of 2013, when I had my first close-up look at a bat, a Grey Long-eared Bat (Plecotus austriacus), near Chimay, in Belgium.

Ever since, I have been involved in various bat surveys in Belgium and the UK (including winter roost surveys, point counts using bat detectors and mist-netting).

Conservation is the leitmotiv of my photographic work and volunteering.

From very early on, beyond the scientific aspects of the surveys, I have greatly valued the importance of the interaction with the public.

In fact, as soon as I started to get an insight into Belgium’s biodiversity, I started to guide walks. During these walks, I tried tried to pass on the passion that drove me for countless years to others both younger and older.

I have tried to convey both the importance and significance of the research conducted on the Belgian fauna as well as the importance of conservation more globally.

By combining science and art through wildlife photography, I aspire to help making conservation accessible rather than an obscure scientific concept